Sequel Pitch

Sequel Pitch is a podcast where four film fanatic friends review a movie that doesn’t have a sequel, then have a competition pitching their ideas for a follow-up movie. I created Sequel Pitch with three friends from university and it has been running since February 2021. I composed the theme music and interstitials, and have been the sole editor since launch

True Lies (1994) – Scores and Sequel Pitches! Sequel Pitch

The meeting of minds is back for 2023 with some changes! We've decided to cut out the full review section just for our patrons on Patreon, so going forward we'll have the 60 second synopsis, followed by our final thoughts and scores on the movie before we launch straight into the pitches, since that's kind of the whole point of the show! If you find yourself missing our movie chat, you can always come and hear some more on the Patreon :)Ross is hosting, while the gang review and pitch sequels for the 1994 espionage action comedy True Lies, directed by James Cameron and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Arnold, Tia Carrera and the late, great Bill Paxton.Expect the usual Arnie impressions, arguing, car chases and just general nonsense.Links!Patreon: If you like what we make and want to help us make more, better sounding content, we have a £2 Patreon!Twitter: @SequelPitchInstagram: sequelpitchpodcastFacebook: Sequel PitchIf you're not already, please consider subscribing on your podcast app of choice so that you get our episodes as soon as they land. And leave us a review if we think we deserve it so that new people can see what others think – the best places for that being Apple Podcasts, Podchaser, Spotify or in the Goodpods app. We'll try to shout you out on the show if you do!Please tell your friends about us if you think they might enjoy the show! We're not in a position to pay to advertise the show right now, so bring people into the fold if you think they'll have some fun!
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I’ll Marry You; the UK Wedding Podcast

I’ll Marry You with Olivia Coleman is my first end-to-end client podcast. I pitched the idea to Olivia knowing that she would be a great personality for podcasting, and at launch the show made it to 75 in the top 100 education category podcasts, and number 3 in the subcategory How To.

Industry Expert Alert! Let's hear all about the Bodleian Libraries I'll Marry You; the UK Wedding Podcast

Welcome to I'll Marry You, a podcast by Olivia Coleman: full of tips and tricks from the UK wedding scene, interviews with industry experts, and a WHOLE LOT of oversharing!In this episode I'm speak to the LOVELY Rachel from the Bodleian Libraries in Oxford. You know it's good because she started working there after having her own wedding at the venue! Hear all about her journey to becoming a resident coordinator there, and what kind of lovely things they provide for their weddings!Find out more about the libraries by checking out their Instagram!If you're enjoying the show, PLEASE consider following/subscribing on your podcast app of choice, and if you fancy it, drop us a review on Apple, Spotify or Podchaser. It doesn't help other people to find the show, but it DOES let them know it's worth listening to when they do!If you're interested in having me join your wedding journey as your celebrant, or if you want any more information on what I do you can find more exciting details on my website: http://www.oliviacolemancelebrant.co.uk. You can also find me on Instagram @notthatoliviacoleman, Twitter on @illmarryyoupc – give me a follow!I would LOVE to hear from you if you have any wedding news or questions that you'd like to have answered on the show; you can email me, use my website contact form, or my DMs are open!Production InformationProduced and Edited by Drew Toynbee. Drew is a freelance audio producer, editor and performer, hosting, producing and editing multiple podcasts for various clients, recording voiceovers for businesses and narrating audiobooks. Find him on Twitter or at his website drewtoynbee.comMusic: Mr Sunny Face by Wayne JonesThis podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable – https://chartable.com/privacy
  1. Industry Expert Alert! Let's hear all about the Bodleian Libraries
  2. Let's talk about venues – I love this part!
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Stupid Hearts Club

Stupid Hearts Club is the mad brainchild of Nico Tatarowicz, a comedian, musician and TV writer. Nico launched Stupid Hearts Club as a patreon exclusive, and we worked together making the podcast available for public consumption whilst ensuring that there was also a strategy to make sure that his patrons still felt special. Since making the back catalogue public, I have come on board to distribute the podcast, adapting the patreon posts into titled episodes with show notes.

Solo mental health check-in Stupid Hearts Club

Welcome to the Stupid Hearts Club! The Club for everyone with a Stupid Heart——————-Hello loves.I decided to record a solo one this week just cos I have caught myself feeling happier lately and think I should put that into context for anyone struggling at the moment, having been seriously depressed earlier in the year myself. I hope it helps some of you to hear someone wanging on about recovery and stuff. All I can say is, whoever you are, I care, we care and other people very probably care too so whatever you are going through don't go through it alone- And I hope you take this episode as actual evidence that even the very dark times can and WILL pass, often in just a few eggy months. After which you will not recognise what your brain was bowling at you when it was poorly. If I can do it, so can you baby.Going to put the tune at the end up on it's own and maybe a couple of others if that is of interest as wee bonus bits.Also the 'Childs Game' conversation from Matt's pod is coming later as a cheery Brucie Bonus after this more serious episode.Big loveLady Maam'aladePS – I have uploaded a photo of the symptoms 'diary' I made as I tried to get through the month I was told was still to go with major withdrawal symptoms- It really helped being able tick it off every night without having to remember it all again. I just picked up the pad at teatime and ticked or crossed how the last day had been until after a month I could see I was sleeping and eating better and doing okay.——————-If you like what I do and you want to support me financially, as well as get access to some cool extras, please take a look at my Patreon! And if you can't, or indeed just don't want to, then I'm still super happy you're here!And if you want to hear more from me I'm always putting things up on my Instagram, come and say hello——————-Produced by Drew ToynbeeCopyright 2023 Nico Tatarowicz
  1. Solo mental health check-in
  2. Miles 'Hate Speech' Chapman and the quandary of distasteful, substandard or offensive comedy
  3. Matt Morgan and the Creeping Horror of Frozen Baked Potatoes
  4. Josh Pugh
  5. Mark 'the gentleman with the gentle mouth' O'Sullivan

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol is a podcast that I created for Advanced for their internal social promotions in the run up to Christmas 2021. I wrote the script, as well as recording all of the audio, adding sound effects and editing and mastering the entire project which was spread over three episodes.

Elysium Falls: Loopkeeper Book One by O.S. Marrow

I have narrated, edited and mastered a nearly 20 hour audiobook for author O.S. Marrow, which is available now for purchase on iTunes and Audible

Audio Trailers

If you need a trailer for your podcast or audio project, I can create one for you! Here’s one of my favourites that I made for Sequel Pitch